BNR Sydney On Everest

Hi my name is Tom Kowpak.

I have been running past bars and racks for the past 2 years, on my way to the gym for various classes. One day col was standing outside the workshop watching running past and yelled, “make sure you run a lap for me”
I was just impressed that he was still at work so late in the day!
One day I stopped and had a chat, he asked what i was training for, I explained it was for Mt Everest.
It was this day that Col offered me sponsorship.
On 26thMay 2012, i summited the worlds highest peak 8848m. With the “Bars and Racks” Company flag (as pictured)
For the full story – my blog and photos please see
I would personally like to thank col and Bars and racks for their support and encouragement throughout training.

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