Vehicle Recovery

Stuck on a slope or stuck in the mud, TJM can provide a lot more than sympathy.

4WDriving can be full of fun and adventure, but it’s certainly not much fun when your adventure comes to an abrupt halt.

At TJM we’ve “been there, done that” a thousand times, so we’ve come up with all the recovery gear you’ll need – in one handy kit. If you’re stuck on a slope, no worries the TJM Snatch Strap is at your disposal. It’s 9 metres of tough nylon and can handle up to a whopping 15,000kg of tension.

Finding the winch cable not quite long enough? Sorted. There’s the TJM Winch Extension Strap to lend a hand. And to get you all hooked up correctly, you’ll have the TJM Snatch Block and a couple of bow shackles.

We haven’t forgotten about your hands or the environment either, so we’ve added a strong pair of leather gloves, a cable dampener and a tree trunk protector to boot.

Of course there are many more recovery situations that you can poke a stick at, so we have a complete range of gear available right down to the TJM High Lift Recovery Jack.

So next time you are planning your ultimate 4WD adventure, make sure the right TJM recovery gear comes along for the journey, wherever it takes you.