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Smartclick™ Wiring SolutionsThe number one towbar brand in Australia, now introduces the latest innovation in aftermarket towing – plug and play wiring solutions.


Hayman Reese offers a range of towing accessories from towballs, to hitch locks, wiring adaptors and TBM’s.

Standard Towbars (Class 2)

The Standard Towbar, often rated up to 1600kg, is well engineered solution for light towing. The Standard Towbar has been designed for easy installation and the utmost reliability. Unlike the removable TBM found on other models of Hayman Reese towbars, the Standard Towbars have a tongue attached by two bolts.

For advice on a towbar to suit you, please contact your nearest Hayman Reese Distributor.


Reese Light (RL) Towbars (Class 3)

The RL styled towbar has a removable TBM like the Hitch Receiver Towbar, however the RL has a 40mm by 40mm hitch box and therefore is designed for lighter duty applications.

Heavy Duty Towbars (Class 4)

Hayman Reese’s famous Hitch Receiver Towbar has a 50mm by 50mm hitch box and is the heavy duty towing option. The Hitch Receivers Towbars are often rated to the vehicles maximum towing capacity and are a must if towing caravans, large trailer, boats or horse size floats. This model towbar has a special sized hitch section which means that it is compatible with all Hayman Reese accessories such as Hayman Reese weight distribution systems. The Hitch Receiver Towbar also has a removable Trailer Ball Mount (TBM).

5th Wheel & Gooseneck

From the Number 1 towing brand in Australia comes a new range of 5th Wheel and Gooseneck hitches to satisfy the growing demand for these products for RVs, horse floats and industrial trailers.

Hayman Reese have engineered and
manufactured vehicle specific fitting systems that come with everything you need to tow 5th
Wheelers and Gooseneck trailers, including Smartclick™ Wiring Solutions offering intelligent vehicle and trailer wiring integration.

Hitch Lamp Protector (HLP)

The HLP is a lamp and body protector combined with the famous heavy duty Hitch Receiver Towbar. It is designed to provide rear body and lamp protection for those commercial vehicles that need to tow heavy trailers. The TBM can be removed when not in use.

Other products also include:

  • Standard Towbar Lamp Protector (TLP)
  • Step Lamp Protector
  • Bolt on Steps

Protection Bars

Hayman Reese manufacturers a number of frontal protection solutions for many light commercial applications. Whether you require a half sized nudge bar or a full protection bar, visit a Hayman Reese distributor to see what Hayman Reese has on offer for your vehicle.

Weight Distribution Systems

Weight Distribution Systems are designed to assist with the restoration of the original geometry of the tow vehicle as close as possible to that which it was prior to the coupling of the trailer.

Hayman Reese has a large range of Weight Distribution Systems available to suit your every towing need.

Friction & Dual Cam Sway Control

When travelling with a trailer, strong winds and wind buffets from large trucks and buses can result in unnerving trailer sway. A sway controller is designed to be used in conjunction with a Hayman Reese Weight Distribution System and prevents trailer sway by retarding the pivotal movment between the tow hitch and the trailer.


Brake Controllers

Australian road rules state that all trailer with a GTM exceeding 750kgs must have brakes. Fortunatly, Hayman Reese has a range of brake controls to suit your needs.

Cargo Barriers

Hayman Reese design cargo barriers with advanced impact analysis software to ensure our products are capable of withstandng the brutal Australian Standard testing requirements, providing you with a product of the highest quality.


 Accessories information

Hitch Pin Locks – Click Here

Various sizes and shapes to suit a wide variety of towing applications


Hayman Reese Spare Parts –
Click Here

Various sizes and shapes to suit a wide variety of towing applications

Wring Adapters and Sockets – Click Here

Various sizes and shapes to suit a wide variety of towing applications

Interlock Trailer Ball Mounts –
Click Here

Various sizes and shapes to suit a wide variety of towing applications

Pintle Hook Adapter

The Hayman Reese Pintle Hook Adapter allows for combination and standard pintle hooks to be mounted onto a Hayman Reese Heavy Duty (50×50 mm) towbar.

Part Number: 21224

RRP: $132.83

For more information on the range of Pintle Hook adapters, please contact your nearest Hayman Reese distributor.

Pintle Hooks

Pintle Hooks are the alternative to the standard 50mm towball. Pintle Hooks are partcularly used in commercial type applications. Hayman Reese offers a wide range of pintle hooks from standard to combination.

For more information, please contact your nearest Hayman Reese distributor.

Hayman Reese Hitch Park

The intelligient solution for deterring theft and storing your WDH head.

Click Here for more Information

Trailer Ball Weight Scales

The Hayman Reese Trailer Ball Weight Scale provides an accurate measurement of a trailers ball weight to ensure a vehicle is safely fitted with the correct Weight Distribution System.

Part Number: 4300

Click Here for More Information

Standard Tongue/Lug & TBM’s

Please contact your nearest Hayman Reese distibutor to find out which towbar tongue would best suit your towbar.

Hitch Receiver Plug 50x50mm & 40x40mmA rubber hitch box plug for use when you don’t have your TBM inserted. Suits standard 50X50mm hitch receivers RL 40x40mm.Part Number: 11115 (50x50mm)Part Number: 11116 (40x40mm)

Hayman Reese Tow ball

Chrome tow ball rated to 3500kg. Includes nut lockl and washer.

Part Number: 5750


Hayman Reese Shin Protector

Protects towbar from unsightly scratches and shins from nasty knocks.

Part Number: 05355


Towball Cover

  • Chrome plated plastic Silver cover
  • Fits all standard 50mm towballs
  • Snaps on
  • Also available in Black

Part Number: 4700 (Sliver)

Part Number: 4702 (Black)

Spanner Multi-Fit

Multi Fit spanners fits most towball nuts, D Shackles, towbar tongue bolts abd adjustable ball mount bolts & nuts.

Part Number: 05450

Hitch Ball Lube

  • White grease
  • Odourless
  • Will not break dowb
  • Reduces friction
  • Superior lubricant

Part Number: 58117

Hitch Box Collar Cover

Aesthetic aluminium surround for the hitch reciever box.

Part Number: 94590BL

Ball Mount Storage Bag

  • Convenient storage solution for trailer ball mounts and towbar tongues.
  • Protects vehicle interior.
  • Comes in two sizes.

Size (460x85x230)

Part Number: 55049

Size (400X85X180)

Part Number: 55051


Thank you for purchasing a Hayman Reese product.

You will be pleased to know that Hayman Reese warrants your towbar, 5th Wheel and Gooseneck, brake control, or Weight Distribution System against any manufacturing fault for as long as you own it, provided you do not misuse, abuse or overload the product beyond its rated capacity.

Qualifying as the original owner

To qualify for your Lifetime Warranty, simply fill in the online warranty form below. We will then register your Warranty.

What if you purchased your product before we introduced a Lifetime Warranty?

If you can provide proof of purchase to confirm you are the original owner, you may also enjoy the security of a Lifetime Warranty by simply having the product inspected and approved by Hayman Reese or one of the many Authorised Service Centres.

What happens if you need to claim?

Contact Hayman Reese on 1800 812 017 or email. We will immediately arrange for you to visit your most convenient Authorised Hayman Reese Service Centre.

Authority will then be given for your vehicle to be inspected and subject to final approval your towbar will be replaced or repaired to settle the claim.

Please note: This Lifetime Warranty is in addition to any Statutory Warranty which also might apply. The Lifetime Warranty is not transferable.

Other Hayman Reese Products – Warranty

Hayman Reese also provides a lifetime warranty on Weight Distribution Systems, a 5 year warranty on 5th Wheel and a 3 year warranty on brake controllers.

Click here to read the full details of the Hayman Reese Warranty coverage for these products.

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